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Contact Grease

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Composition : ISOL CG 32 is composed of synthetic oils, mineral oils and solid lubricants.

Description :

  • ISOL CG 32 is soft; buttery textured lubricating preparations based on synthetic fluids. This grease is applied on fixed and moving, electrical and electronic contacts usually made of metal alloys, copper, silver and brass. All contacts have surface imperfections, which prevent proper mating of the contacting surfaces.
  • The points where mating is incomplete, provide resistance to the flow of current and there by form hot spots. The air trapped in the hot spots leads to sparking and oxidation of the contact.
  • The function of this grease is to provide lubrication against static and dynamic friction of contact surfaces, prevent air traps between mating surfaces and prevent wear and tear.
  • They also protect contacts from ill effects of moisture, dust, and oxidation and also enhance the electrical performance of contacts. .

Typical Specifications :

  • Parameters ISOL CG 32
    • Colour Lemon Yellow
    • Base Fluid Synthetic
    • Consistency Soft
    • ServiceableTemperature,oC-20to180

Applications : ISOL CG 32 is applied on both stationary and moving contacts of plugs, connectors, mechanical TV tuners, switches of all types used in the automobile industry, potentiometers, relays, rotary switches, toggle switches etc.

Packing : 1 kg, 10 kg, 35 kg & 200 kg.