ISOL Industries

Silicone Emulsion

The company is located in Delhi(India) and affirms to offer the entire array of products to every nook and corner. Customers are free to place small as well as bulk orders, timely deliveries of the same are our topmost priority.


Composition :ISOL- SE 20 & SE 35 is a specially formulated Dimethyl Polysiloxane emulsion based on non-toxic, Non-corrosive surfactants.

Product Features : ISOL- SE 20 & SE 35 can use in Rubber components as mould release & to get shine on molded components.

Applications : ISOL- SE 20 & SE 35 is a highly effective, Stable & uniform silicone emulsion. It is desirable to dilute this before use. The dilution could be achieved through a gentle stirring of the emulsion with the desired quantity of water. The actual dilution and the usage level should be optimized at the production shop floor.