ISOL Industries

Silicone High Vacuum Grease

Striving hard to provide the best in class Silicone High Vacuum Grease; we are established as renowned Suppliers in the market. We are Delhi(India) based organization and have become the primary choice of the buyers since our products are qualitative.


Composition : ISOL SL 111 is silicone based grease contains solid lubricants.

Features : ISOL SL 111 is non-toxic, non-oxidizing, water resistant and chemically inert grease. It exhibits excellent high and low temperature resistance and do not solidify or melt at extreme temperatures. It does not carbonize after decomposing at high temperature and also demonstrate excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions, chemicals etc.

Applications :

  • It is commonly used to lubricate glass stop cock, industrial valves, water taps, plastic and rubber components in automotive, household, electronics, scientific and laboratory equipment etc. They works as a seal cum lubricant on rubber o- rings and gaskets used in vacuum pumps, air filters, piston and cylinder assemblies etc.
  • Being non toxic they are used in the food, beverage, hospital, pharma and cosmetic industry to lubricate equipment, components, conveying systems where incidental food or human contact is unavoidable.

Packing :1 kg, 10 kg, 35 kg & 200 kg.