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Zinc Spray

Zinc Spray

Strong industrial base along with a wide area network, we deliver the range in the stipulated time span. Positioned amid the topmost providers, we are offering excellence in the form of products from Delhi(India).


Additional Information : Minimum Order Quantity - 100 Packs

Advantages :

  • Same advantages as hot-dip galvanising – Exceptional rust protection
  • Heavy-duty – Resistant to salt corrosion, water and heat
  • Excellent adhesive qualities – Forms a tough coat for long-term protection
  • Easy application – High film build in one step

Features :

  • Fuses directly to iron or steel surfaces & Provide Long-term corrosion protection in harsh conditions
  • High Heat Resistance – Up to 300oC
  • Fast drying – Touch dry in 20 minutes, recoat at any stage,
  • Easy re-application over existing film and/or clean surfaces – For ongoing protection
  • Finish coat – Can act as the finish coat, no need for primer

Specifications :

  • Percent solids by weight 30%
  • Volatile organic compound level <70%
  • Temperature resistance upto 300oC
  • Salt Spray Corrosion>250 hrs

Application : Structural steel or frames – Welded seams, spot welding repairs, rivet holes, signs and signposts, Transformers, transmission towers,Perfect touch-up – For galvanised products which have been cut, drilled or welded,Farm equipment ,Boats and boat trailers, ,Car Inner door panels, exhaust tail pipes and wheel protection under hub caps